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CAD Designer

Dan Eldred

CAD Designer

Started in mechanical design 20 years ago when he changed careers from Hardware to Software. Building computers from an early age thanks to his parent's owning and operating a computer store in the suburbs of New Orleans, Louisiana, Dan has been mechanically inclined since he got his set of Legos. Bringing innovation and a unique perspective to a range of industries he has been a part of over his career. From designing continuous and one off molds for vacuum forming, steel forging and trim dies, medical testing equipment, material handling, to sheet metal and fixture design; he has tackled diverse engineering scenarios all along the way.

Be it at work or at home Dan has a passion for 3D printing. Making toys for others to enjoy or useful widgets to fix things around the house is a point of pride for him. When not indoors he can sometimes be found at a Disc Golf course trying as he might to stay under par. Dan has played across the country from California to Florida enjoying the beauty of the many parks that host courses in many states.

Sam Evans

CEO & Founder

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To transform daily tasks into experiences with technology that changes the perspective.

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