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The Inspiration

With a house of seven, the stove top was vital counter space. One of the times between being a cooking appliance and counter space, a towel was placed on a recently used burner. Luckily, only the smoke detector and a new towel was needed.

Founded at the end of 2021 and as the classic startup story goes, newr originated in the founder’s mother’s house in Greenwood, IN. We embrace change. We combine the unexpected, creating unbound solutions that are fun to use—the newr way! We are a technology start-up, based in Indianapolis, IN. We are newr.

Our first initiative, the smartest induction stove. newr introduces Chef, a smart battery powered induction stove, enhancing fun and convenience.

Meet the Founder

Chad has 10 years in the automotive industry in product design and development and excelled in the new business acquisition and innovative programs. Prior to this, he had several retail sales jobs and also summer construction jobs. Chad graduated with a Bachelors of Science from Purdue University's School of Technology. Since childhood he has been hands-on and inquisitive, specifically by taking apart and repairing their electric pencil sharpener, building free form workbenches, and constructing various building toy sets.

He furthered his personal experience during his time on his grandparents’ farm during the summers of his youth where he would learn to build fences, tear down buildings, repair machinery, and how the implements functioned. In his later years, he was able to blend the practical and classroom knowledge into remodeling several homes including a complete rebuild in 2018. Chad has the willingness and determination to complete life’s challenges and obstacles as he displayed when he completed several Spartan obstacle courses and the 2019 Detroit Marathon.

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