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We are newr, a technology start-up, based in Indianapolis, IN. We believe in unconfined solutions, and we hate cords! We are combining the unexpected, creating the newr standard. We are developing products that are straightforward, sustainable, and fun!


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Come see us at Dayton Off Road & Outdoor Expo February 24th & 25th!

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"HOT STUFF My company invented a genius portable stove for tiny homes – it plugs in like a laptop and means you don’t need a stove"

The barbecue is the favorite cooking utensil at the campsite. For those who prefer emission-free camping, the wireless induction hob Chef will soon be available.


Cooking can be a hobby, a family moment, or a date night activity.  Whether you are: in the kitchen; in the backyard; in your tiny house; or at your favorite sporting event; ChefTM is the perfect cooking companion for all these and so much more. Unfortunately today, the majority of these situations utilize different cooking appliances or require specific items to complete the cooking task. Not anymore! At NewrTM we want to eliminate the specific use, or infrequently used, or seasonally used cooking appliances and devices. Instead, have one flexible cooking platform to use anywhere.  

The wheel to the left shows some of the many items that would be typically needed for a cooking activity. All of these items can be replaced with ChefTM. ChefTM has an internal battery which can be used to charge 5V accessory devices. ChefTM can be used indoors as the primary stove. ChefTM has a built-in timer function.. ChefTM can be used outdoors to grill unaffected by wind or rain. ChefTM has an onboard scale to measure as you cook. ChefTM does not have an ignition source to worry about fire bans. ChefTM can be paired with other ChefTM to create a single large cooking surface. ChefTM has integrated LED lights which will provide visual notifications as well as provide auxiliary lighting when needed. ChefTM has programming to help with cooking so Grandma is optional!

On the house

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Meet Chef
The go anywhere, cook anywhere, cord cutting, battery powered induction stove.
  • 11" cooking surface

  • Water resistant

  • ~1.75hr battery

  • Cordless

  • Near silent

  • Smartphone App

  • Multiple users

  • Ring light indicator

  • Outdoor/Indoor Use

Our first initiative, newr introduces, Chef. Chef is a cord cutting, battery powered induction stove, enhancing fun and convenience. Paired with our newr control app, Chef will enable the confidence, control, and comfort to cook inside, outside, or on-the-go.

Chef allows anyone to cook without limitations by being lightweight & compact to ensure portability. Engineered to maximize function while minimizing weight. Additionally, Chef can be used indoors, outdoors, or OTG.

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Outdoor Proof
Durable and ~IP67 Water Resistant

Smart Control

Full control of Chef, even when you're not nearby

Save presets and set timers to save time cooking

Smart scale gives you accurate weight even if you switch pans

Off peak charging to help save money and the environment

Manage battery output and use Chef as a backup battery

Multiple users can control Chef at once

Click around the app to learn more!

Keep track of energy usage

Charge during off peak hours

Use Chef as a backup battery

Weigh and keep track of ingredients

Control Chef's temperature and cooking zone from afar

Set timers and presets to save time cooking

Long-lasting, ~1 kWh Battery
Up to 2 hours of cooking or days of USB charging
USB Power

Modular Power

Attachable USB power modules let you take advantage of Chef's massive ~1kWh battery.
Chef can charge an iPhone 12 roughly thirty times over.

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"on the house"
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